Community Legal Aid will be hiring 10 law students this summer. Theses law students  will return for the fall and winter terms as group leaders on a voluntary or academic credit basis. Applications will be due March 6, 2020 and interviews will take place the week of March 16, 2020. The application will be available on this website in February 2020.

CLA offers several volunteer, credit and paid placements for law students wishing to gain practical legal skills and serve the community.

You can start volunteering at CLA beginning in 1L. All CLA volunteers undergo an orientation offered at the beginning of each academic term. Our Review Counsel and Social Worker will introduce you to the practice of law from a collaborative approach.
CLA volunteers start out as caseworkers and after completing one term can apply to be litigators. As a caseworker, you communicate directly with clients, opposing parties, court staff and our community partners. You will conduct legal research and draft correspondence pertaining to your client files. To apply for a caseworker positions see Caseworker
Returning as a litigator, you will be responsible for the litigation of files in your assigned group. Our litigators appear before the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court – Small Claims Court and the Landlord and Tenant Board. CLA litigators argue summary conviction offences, civil claims and Residential Tenancy Act hearings. For more information about applying for a litigator position see Litigators
Under the supervision of practicing lawyers and with the assistance of group leaders, volunteers are taught how to navigate the complexities of litigation and advocacy.
Our clinic is open throughout the week. Volunteers are assigned to a specific group. Each group is led by a group leader and has one or two designated litigators.
Groups meet once a week at a set group time for a two hour period. Volunteers are expected to conduct their work throughout the week, and beyond their set group time depending on the file requirement.
Students applying for academic credit will not be selected through the same process as Caseworker and Litigators. Please see academic credit application process.
We also offer summer employment as a Group Leader. Please see the Group Leader application process.
You can also volunteer in our Family Law program. For more information please see the Family law application process